Friday, September 3, 2010

Organicbugspray news

 Liz in Nicasio reports, it got rid of the ants on the sunflowers made the florist happy no ants on the delivery this time. Bobby's Seville orange trees are rid of the aphids on to making her marmalade and Carol reports it deterred the rat from eating her paddy pan squash! Any other reports on Organicbugspray are welcome!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cow track Certified Organic Farm

Cow Track Academy, Nicasio, Ca Certified Organic Grower

Im designing a logo for Cow Track organic garden academy . I would love feedback from all of you gardenopolis club members. We spent some time on the ranch planting merlot lettuce and a variety of  organic  potatoes.

Its a graet place for the sketch group to draw!!!

After picking french breakfast radishes,ester basket.....we sat back and  the cowboys and wagons riding through the ranch. It felt as if you were back in the 1800's

                                         Here's Liz, she runs the organic gardens.

Gardenopolis club worm and radish movie

The gardenopolisclub worm and radish movie  click here:

Do you have worms in your garden? 
What do you think worms do in your garden after they wiggle through the soil? 

Draw a picture or write a story about a worm in your garden and  Win a signed, giclee print from my book, Farmers Garden and a Gardenopolis Club Badge

Earthworms have been on Earth for 120 million years !

One important thing that earthworms do is to plow the soil by tunneling through it.
Their tunnels provide the soil with passageways through which air and water can circulate, and that's important because soil microorganisms and plant roots need air and water just like we do. Without some kind of plowing, soil becomes hard, air and water can't circulate in it, and plant roots can't grow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010